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INVO device

Small polypropylene capsule that contains eggs and sperm that allow the development of the embryo inside the woman´s body.

tratamientos de infertilidad
July de 2012 Born of first baby from RIE technique
January de 2003 Born of the first baby from Embryo-express program, Cartagena Colombia
July de 2006 Born of the first baby free of X-fragil sindrome in Latin America from preimplantation genetic diagnostic (PGD) technique
January de 1980 First surgeries using magnification images.
July de 2005 Born of the first baby achieved from In Vitro maturation (IVM)of egg.
June de 1985 Born of the first test tube baby in Colombia and Latin America.
January de 2003 Born of the first baby preimplantation genetic diagnostic (PGD) for social sex selection
July de 2004 Born of the first triplets by (PGD): social sex selection. Embryo-express program, Panama city
January de 1979 Incorporation of the color video to laparoscopy.
July de 2005 Isolation of the first human stem cell line in Latin America: Agreement between CECOLFES - Colombia and Cellartis - Sweden.
January de 1976 Starting use of laparoscopy as a surgical technique of fertility
January de 1985 Born of the first test tube baby in Colombia and Latin America.
January de 1995 Born of the first male Hemophilia A-free of the world by Preimplantation Diagnostic Technique (PGD). (PCR technique for disease and sex selection).
January de 1978 First human frozen semen sample of Latinamerica.
May de 2003 Born of the first baby by TTOMI (Tubaric Transference of Microinyected oocytes) technique in Colombia
January de 1986 Born of the first frozen embryo baby in Colombia and Latin America
July de 1994 First use of robotics in Laparoscopic procedures.
January de 1994 First use of robotics in Laparoscopic procedures.
January de 1978 First surgical laparoscopies.
July de 2010 Born of first triplets from INVO cel technique.
January de 1981 First open surgeries and laparoscopies using LASER
July de 2006 Born of 32 babies achieved from vitrified eggs.
January de 2004 Born of the first twins free of Delta F508 gene (cystic fibrosis), Bogota- Colombia
July de 2005 Born of the first baby achieved from a vitrified egg.
July de 2004 Starting the first program "Mothers of the Future", human egg vitrification
January de 2001 Annual Award of ESHRE Meeting, Switzerland, "Chromosome Y instability as a predisposition in infertile males"

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CECOLFES is looking for women with an altruistic sense to become egg donors. We have patients that need your help and are waiting to make true their dreams of being a mother.

Egg donation begins with a medical consultation, where you will get the explanation in detail of the entire process which is summarized below...

Which is the best option for you?

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  • December 13 de 2016

    During the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress - AMWC Latin America, Dr. Elkin Lucena presented his lecture "Clinical Utility of Telomeric Measurement" where he explained the...

  • September 7 de 2016

    One in 3,500 newborn boys in the world is affected by a rare and fatal diseaseDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)One in 3,500 might seem a drop in the ocean but including their family members, the daily lives of millions of people around the globe are affected.


I hereby want to send a message of eternal gratitude to you and all the human group that is part of your team.

Bogota, Colombia

I'm so happy to be pregnant, so I just wanted to thank you all for creating the INVO device and my doctors in Colombia for their exceptional work.

Florida, Estados Unidos
diana_mendez "

His work has positioned our homecountry Colombia at the top of developed countries on human reproductive issues and has allowed too many couples to reach the possibility of forming a family.

Diana Carolina Méndez
Bogota, Colombia
liliana ortiz "

We are made in Cecolfes!!! Thank you, God fill you with blessings for giving us life!

Bogota, Colombia
trillizos Marin Salcedo "

Thanks to the Cecolfes team for making possible this beautiful reality ... You are always in our hearts.

Bogota, Colombia